Chris and the band have had a very successful Summer from one thing to the next, the birth of Django Jackson Summerill, Chris’s first born being the highlight.

Amongst the hectic schedule were some amazing unforgettable performances!

Live dates from over the summer included the two “Love Hope Strength” events at Rhuddlan/Snowdon Rocks and Rhondda Rocks II with Mike Peters of “The Alarm” both of which went down a storm!!

Having the opportunity to grace the stage with acts such as The Levellers, Simon Fowler (Ocean Colour Scene) Mike Peters and The Alarm, as well as celebrities such as Phil Daniels, Keith Allen and Perry Benson at the Rhuddlan castle gig during the filming of “Vinyl.”

Also just recently the massive success of the Cwmaman Festival, based around the South Wales Valleys area, which saw Chris Summerill and band supporting Mike Peters Direct Action tour on the closing night of the festival.

These events have left a lasting impression on Chris and a massive thanks goes out to all who have shown their support over the Summer! In keeping with this Chris Summerill will be playing more support slots during the current Direct Action tour so keep an eye out! You never know he may just pop along!

Love, Hope, Strength!

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Chris Summerill Live BRfm session-

Please Visit the BRfm site this Monday the 22nd March for a exclusive Live session,interview and possible preview of some new tracks!! :D

Please tell All your friends and make sure you tune in!

“Catch Chris in a Monday night one off special on Monday evening @ 8pm, after Have i got BGNFY. Either watch this even on brfm tv or listen on 97.3fm,if session is anything like album, this is a show not to be missed.”

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One By One

Chris Summerill

Summertime Records Summ0003



In these dark musical days, where everything seems to be touched by emo melancholy or credit crunch blues, this album stands out like a beacon. A testament to all that’s missing in the music of today, In short this record is FUN. If this album was half as enjoyable to make as it is to listen to, then Chris and his fantastic Cohorts must have had a blast. That is not to say it’s light hearted or shallow in any way but that the songs must be sang with a smile on your face, good music but happy remember Squeeze in their heyday.

A rollicking start in the forms of I Wanna Go Somewhere and single Under The Sun, a change of tempo with the beautiful ballad My Love, the revs kick back in with No Hope. Out of breath already and still not halfway through album.

I’ll Be Seeing You, builds up layers beautifully, Away We Go is lovely acoustic track (ice cold beer at a reasonable price) with a chorus that stays in your head for days. One By One with it’s refrain of girls names is funny and where my Squeeze analogy is most evident.  Baby it’s You really cranks things up and is a bruising full-on rocker, Walk On brings us back down to Earth, before my album highlight  Goodbye Sunshine leaves all with a smile on our faces as wide as the {Cheshire} cats on the cover.

Chris Phillips


Buy now at “Shop and Contact”


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A track or two from Chris’s debut album ‘One by One’ could be played on Chris Phillips Monday morning radio show Monday 8th March 2010, listen on 97.3fm or online at “

Why not give him a listen! :D

Also keep an eye out for possible live session at BRfm. Dave Sharp (The Alarm), Henry Cluney (Stiff Little Fingers) and Racing Cars are just a few acts that have graced the studio’s at this South Walian radio station, all previous sessions are available from their website in “The Vault

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On Monday 8th March 2010 Chris will be playing at the very trendy “10 Feet Tall” in the centre of Cardiff, come along and you’ll hear Chris play some of his new songs from his upcoming album! He may also bring out the fiddle if your lucky!

So bring your friends, make sure they bring their friends friends and so on you get the idea…. :D

For directions visit the Live page

Also please pay a visit to Chris’s Myspace and listen out for new material!

We’ll see you on the 8th of March!

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Chris Summerill’s very popular debut album ‘One by One’ is now available from “The Worlds oldest record store” Spillers records ‘The Hayes, Cardiff city centre’, at the usual price of £6.95! Bargin!

Also stay tuned for future news of a possible in-store performance!


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Chris Summerill and Siôn Carver were lucky enough to grace the stage with some of the Welsh greats over the weekend. Playing along side his good friend Mike Peters (The Alarm) as well as Welsh drumming Legend Stuart Cable and his new band Killing for Company. The weekend was as hectic as expected with each day packed full of activities to whet the appetite of any music fan. As expected Chris was eager to be involved in as much as possible reveling in the experience. The mini festival was hailed by most as the best yet and with 17 previous events they had a lot to compete with.

Chris Summerill played on the Friday evening of the completely sold out 18th Gathering and his name will be etched into the minds of those who had the privilege to watch. As usual the set was very energetic, lively and spirited, luring in the crowds from the neighboring stage. Chris and Siôn played several songs from One by One along with a few new tracks as well as a couple of covers showing the crowd the wide variation in his performance, with each song receiving a warm reception. Chris managed to hold his own on a huge stage with seasoned Alarm crowd, showing them what he does best, Entertain! Receiving a fantastic reception from the fans who he’s grown to love and the fans who’ve took him as one of their own!

The friday night finished with a bang, Mike playing a solo acoustic set moving to the big stage later that night with the full band, playing their way through the fans favorite album “Feel Free”. The night continued through to the early hours of Saturday morning leading into another full packed schedule on the Saturday night. As quoted on the Alarms official site “Sleeping was very low down on the agenda.”

Chris Summerill enjoyed every minute, nursing a slight hangover on the Saturday morning he soldiered on to enjoy the rest of the festival, with The Alarm playing again on several occasions on each of the stages. Finally Chris was more than happy to join them and others including support acts, crew and even the doctors who have treated Mike and his wife through their recent hardships, for the huge finale in front of thousands showing the close community feel of the event. The Gathering although Chris Summerill’s first will defiantly not be his last!

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Chris Summerill and band will soon be rehearsing new songs for their second studio album. Chris has tried and tested several new songs over the previous months and gauging from the crowds responses it looks promising. Several tracks have been played to a live audiences and in a studio environment to pinpoint the correct choices for the album which will be the follow on from “One by One” released November 8th 2008. Further dates and news will follow….

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Hi everyone, I’m about to leave for my wedding so I’ll keep this short.  I’ve had a great couple of weeks being involved with The Love Hope Strength foundation raising money for Cancer charitys globally.  It has been one of my highlights this year playing my mandolin on the walks and I’m very happy to Mike Peters for giving me the opportunity to do it.  i’ll write more abou this when i get back from my honeymoon, but in the mean time rock on and check out the link below.

See you all soon, love, hope and strength

Chris Summerill

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Mark ‘Turk’ Davies

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Today is a sad day.  Mark ‘Turk’ Davies died today from injuries sustained in a motorbike accident.  A long time supporter of me and my music, Turk has the dubious honor of being the only person I ever gave a guitar lesson to.  For those of you who don’t know Turk, he was the frendliest, most pleasant person you could meet.  Turk also cut a rather imposing figure, as wide as he was tall, feared and respected both on and off the rugby pitch, a game he played and excelled at all of his life.  These combined attributes meant that if you were ever in trouble, you called Turk first… and last.

I maintain to this day the Mark was the best chiropractor/osteopath/masseur that has ever lived and he helped cure me of chronic neck pain, which has plagued me since I was very young, but I no longer suffer from.  A small testament to the mans skill.  He took his job very seriously and was incredibly passionate about it and his patients and collegues are better for it.

Finnaly i would like to relate a story of the type of person Turk really was.  I played a gig in Camden in London once. I was third on the bill. There were two London bands on as well. They all lived locally and I live 200 miles away. No one came to see those bands they didn’t bring anyone and there was about 15 of them all together with hangers on.

No one walked off the street on a whim. Only one person paid to get in that night.  Turk! He was the only one.  he had to take two different trains from his house in London.  He had even got off at the wrong station and had to walk two miles through Camden at night to get there. Which I never heard the end of. All this and I had only given him two hours notice to get there.

So finally I would like to say good bye and thank you to a wonderful person that this world is better because of and worse without.  Mark ‘Turk’ Davies, my doctor, my fan, my friend.

I’m gonna miss you man.

Chris Summerill

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Mark ‘Turk’ Davies long time friend and supporter of the Summerill gang was injured in a motorcycle accident yesterday.  We would like to add our support to all his friends and family.  Everyone is thinking of you big man, get well soon.

Chris Summerill

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Below is an album review from Plugged In magazine, pick up your free copy from one of the following stockists.

Chris Summerill
One By One (Album)
Summertime Records

Summerill’s joy for life is infectious. Vibrantly uplifting, this set of songs is created with a built-in feel-good factor for everyone to happily join in and forget your worries to. No wonder he did Johnny Cash and went to Bridgend’s Parc Prison for a bit of time inside to play for the youth offenders unit – after his show they must have been floating back to the cells for Christmas! Chris and his music are living proof that if you believe in the positive, you can make the sun shine forever. Quite excellent.

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One By One Album


Chris Summerill’s debut album is now available to buy from the website, just click the link above.  Orders will be dispatched within 14 days.

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Chris Summerill Album Launch from Andrew Chainey on Vimeo.

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Chris Summerill’s debut album was launched last night at The Coliseum in Aberdare.  The album is available now and can be bought at Gigs, Red House Music and other selected outlets.  Some video footage of the gig is available at the following website.

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The slog is over, against all odds, chris has finished his album on time and it will be available to buy on November 8th at The Coliseum.  Those attending the gig will be able to buy the album for the special promotional price of £5.

To order your ticket phone The Coliseum box office on 01685 881188

It’s Summertime!

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Chris has announced that the support act for his album launch is none other than Gareth Jones.  Gereth used to play in the acoustic duo Summers and Jones with Chris, but has recentley been touring Britain and Europe with prog rock legends ‘The Reasoning’.  Gareth will be performing a solo spot of his own songs and some Summers andd Jones favourites.

To book your tickets  phone the box office on 01685 881188.  the show starts at 7.30 and tickets cost £5.

See you there!

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Chris Summerill has announced that he will be releasing his album at the Coliseum in Aberdare, on Saturday November 8th.  To book your tickets early phone the box office on 01685 881188.  the show starts at 7.30 and tickets cost £5.

See you there!

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Chris Summerill returns from a triumphant performance at Newquay music festival supporting 80’s ska legends Bad Manners.  You can see some photo’s from the gig in the gallery.

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Following on from the phenomenal success of ‘Under The Sun’, Chris has finaly disclosed that he is working on his upcoming debut album.  Not many details are available yet, The working title is  ‘One By One’ and it is currently scheduled for release on November 8th.  Stay tuned for more details.

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Happy Birthday to Craig.  The Legend!

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 It’s here!

The first single from Chris is now available through iTunes. Under the Sun is available for just 79p for the single, or £2.37 for the EP. If you’ve already got iTunes installed, you just need to click the link and iTunes will load automatically. If you haven’t got it installed, clicking the link will take you to the iTunes page where you can download the program and then purchase the single.

Don’t forget, just 2,500 single sales can get Chris into the UK Top 40!

Click here for the single

If the links don’t take you to the single, you can either search iTunes for Chris Summerill, or type the following into your internet browser:

Under the Sun

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Chris Summerill played to a sell out crowd in Cwmabach Legion on May 17th to launch his new single ‘Under The Sun’.  The atmosphere was absoloutley electric and everyone came away from the event feeling thoroughly entertained.  Some photo’s of the event can be found in the photo gallery.  Chris’s new single is available to buy as a CD in selected local shops in the Cynon Valley and goes on worldwide sale on iTunes on 30th June

Watch this space!

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Tired of always chasing some far off record deal, Welsh musician Chris Summerill decided to start his own record company and release all his songs himself.

This May, Chris will attempt to get into the top 40 singles chart through completely underground and independent means.

On an average week in 2006 it only took 2,500 sales of a single to break into the top 40. With support from the Welsh community, if Chris can generate 2500 sales of ‘Under The Sun’ in the week starting May 19th, the single should chart.

His first single will be available to download from iTunes on Monday June 30th.

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Local musician Chris Summerill releases the first single from his debut album


Chris will play a set with his new band at Cwmbach Royal British Legion on Saturday May 17th. The gig will showcase songs from his upcoming album with a couple of covers thrown in for good measure. The night will also feature a support act (TBA), a buffet and a cheesy disco to dance the night away until the early hours.

Tickets: £4 Advance, £5 On The Door

You can buy tickets from Cwmbach Legion and from Red House Music in Aberdare Market.

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